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In the beginning, there was an obfuscated Half Life 2 reference demanding, "Pick up that can."

'Sup world!  I'm Joseph Richard Cantrell, a currently calculated 26.1651169 year old straight white male computer scientist with a passion for lighting the torch of mutual prosperity.  I am merely an extraordinary man and nothing more.  With jokes aside, I will speak more on that later, but beginning November 21, 1995, I grew up on Emerson Avenue in the old land of the free and the new world of the brave, the United States of America.  Meta4's this way and meta4's that way; I'm also the United States of America, and the Golden Rule, the One rule to rule them all, is my Constitution.  To get here, my grandmother, Paula Josefa Cantrell, emigrated from Germany to the U.S.A. during Adolf Hitler's bolstering of Nazi Germany in the 1930's, and after marrying my Korean War POW grandfather, Jake Richard Cantrell, she gave birth to my mother, Patricia Ann Cantrell.  At age 5, I was prescribed Adderall, abandoned Christianity to be agnostic, and then at age 7 ironically pushed forward an exceptional Atheist during my first Christian summer camp for poor kids, Camp Joy.  I only remember seeing my alleged father, Bonnell Coachman Love, less than ten times total, but my mother was always there for me despite my father's lack of support beyond child support payments.  For eighteen years, I lived in Columbus with my mom Patricia Cantrell before moving to Atlanta, Georgia in 2014 to attend the Georgia Institute of Technology and begin anew. 

I always craved entrepreneurship for the freedom it brings myself and society.  However, massive amounts of investment capital did not exist in my household, so several months before attending college I forsook my Business Administration degree plans as a sunk cost and set my sights on a Computer Science degree.  As a developer I have experience programming using a diverse set of technologies from electrical circuits and assembly to C, Java, and Python.  I coded this website by teaching myself PHP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript with the wealth of knowledge on the internet, and my server even identifies as Apache.  I love playing video games and have learned to make my own games using the open source game engine Godot.  Check them out at, an independent game developer hub.  I prefer cross platform generation tools like Godot and NativeScript because they greatly speed up throughput efficiency by consolidating programming assets to a singular entity.  With my brain and a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science, I am a doctor with no Ph.D., and there is nothing beyond my mind!  Everything is easy; piece by piece and step by step I can read, analyze, and apply any information. 

Enumerated here is a quick rundown of some hobbies I've entertained.  I have spent 84 days of my life playing Modern Warfare 2 and 50 days playing Borderlands 2 on Xbox 360.  This equates to 6.8% of my time in high school mostly playing Search and Destroy in Modern Warfare 2.  Metro Exodus and Modern Warfare are currently my favorite games, and I have moved to the Windows gaming platform since 2014 (PCM4$T3R4C34LYF3).  I also enjoy games like Bioshock Infinite, Halo Reach, Red Dead Redemption 2, Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs, and Dark Souls. My favorite type of music is metal, and some of my favorite artists are Slayer, Soilwork, and Boosie BadAzz, though I'm also quite partial to the series Punk Goes...  Animated television shows are my favorite because they are an inexpensive artistic medium attracting eccentric talent, and thus I rank The Boondocks and ChäoS;HEAd very highly. Although I moreso enjoy the longer plot development afforded by other storytelling mediums, some of my favorite movies are as follows: Live Free or Die Hard, Tropic Thunder, Scarface, Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives, and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2Brave New World and The Stranger are some of my favorite novels, and although I quite enjoyed The Hobbit, The Lord of the Rings was difficult for me to finish at times.  To improve my writing skills, I write about notable life events in a journal wherein I have collected over 120,000 words detailing my adventures, good and bad, solo and grouped.  To help entertain and educate the human race, I'd like it to be freely and posthumously published without redaction.  As I am that is, I write more than I read now, and I'm inspired by longer tales like the Inheritance, Redwall, Warriors, and The Merlin Saga book series. 

I like to cook my meals in a big crockpot with over ten spicy red peppers like the Carolina Reaper, Trinidad Moruga Scorpion, and Ghost Pepper to enhance flavor and nutrition.  My favorite chocolate candy is Reeses, and to feed my inner sugar fiend, I once ate a luxury dessert of a baker's dozen original glazed Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting.  Although it seems like I eat a lot, I do not consume alcohol, tobacco, or even beer bratwurst.  To expend all those essential calories and amino acids, I weightlift every few days and perform bench press, bent over rows, military press, barbell curls, deadlifts, light stability squats, and weighted pullups to build strength and stay healthy.  Lately, my best deadlift is five repetitions of 405 pounds.  In lifting all this weight and putting it back down, there's no obfuscation this perpetuates a positive feedback loop demanding I consume more food to lift more weight. 

I like to program video games in my spare time, and I've been building my skills with Godot since February 2018.  First, I was inspired to create unique games to quickly finish during five minutes of spare time.  After creating a few including Prophet Launcher, my favorite, I've learned to make 3D games and begun weaving my own stories into these games.  At age eleven, I once wrote 90,000 words (one third of my planned plot) of a novel called Krelzor's Quest, similar to Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team and Redwall but with my own unique talking creatures.  I long ago abandoned and lost that project, but I've begun channeling that same writing energy from prose to the interactive, visual, and auditory video game experience. 

There's also quite a long trail of things I can list that I don't like at all.  I don't like most science fiction, superheroes, romance, sports, and musical theatre types of entertainment. This means I hate Star Wars, High School Musical, Star Trek, Georgia Tech college football, and Friends. In addition, find other distasteful artistries here: The Avengers, The Simpsons, and Fifty Shades of Grey.  I do not like sadism, whether it is employed by individuals or groups, under the guise of Santa Clause, Corporation Inc, or the necessary and proper clause.  I neither drink alcohol nor smoke tobacco, especially foul tasting poison like gin and vodka, and I most often prefer the solitary shade of my personal domicile to the illustrious city lights adorning the outdoors.  In reference to the exterior world, I do not entertain the notion of Schrodinger's unobserved yet superimposed alive and dead cat just as I do not care that in the year 2000, an "invisible economic hand" felled an unbeknownst tree in the woods in the opposite hemisphere of Earth. 

Although I do not pursue it, the origin of Earth and its surrounding universe interests me.  The three spacial dimensions before you intertwine with time, elucidating timespace.  When your velocity increases, time will tick more slowly for you.  To explain this, consider outside light information travels from your eyes' cones to your prefrontal cortex for complex analysis via fast moving electron action potentials through wirelike structures in the body.  When a speedier mechanism is utilized to carry this light information to the prefrontal cortex, this same outside spatial scene will be analyzed by the prefrontal cortex in less time (more slow motion) as the same spatial light information is pumped around the brain and moves normally outside in its own space.  In mathematics, it is easy to imagine four spatial dimensions using linear algebra.  Thus, time can be seen as an extension of space: a fourth dimension creating spacetime.  In mathematics, it is also easy to imagine an infinite number of dimensions impacting our world beyond timespace such as the impact of gravity on timespace.  Stephen Hawking conjectures this universe is an offshoot of a universe encapsulating more dimensions.  Any "timespacial" dimensions perpendicular to these four "timespacial" dimensions would be imperceptible to us.  I will ponder Hawking's analysis.  It is easy to imagine this universe can be perpendicular in space to another universe; quantum entanglement indicates this universe is a self-containing system originating from a place where our perception of time does not exist at all.  If two particles are entangled, a change in the state of one particle will instantaneously flip the state of the partner particle.  This quantum exchange of information cannot be measured as the particle's state changes as one measures its properties.  This correlation of particles shows there is one more time dimension governing this quantum leap: imaginary time. 

Along each point in this fifth dimension, the characteristics of spacetime are predicted as points in a five dimensional (x-y-z-time-iTime) plane.  Through an anomalous Big Bang, imaginary time wrought a single point in spacetime: our universe.  This point in the newfound spacetime, a singularity analogous to a black hole, contained all the matter and energy in our known universe.  Because the grandiose mass of a black hole gravitates light to absolute zero velocity and halts the flow of time, the Big Bang's initial scatter of mass created time.  Indeed, black holes are anomalies in our universe, and the physics governing our universe apply neither there nor in the singularity.  In a different and more likely hypothesis of the timespacial analysis of light in black holes, these photons would gravitate around the black hole's center of mass without changing their speed limit.  After the Big Bang, stars collected and nuclear fusion supernovae spewed forth larger atoms such as carbon to coalesce into planets.  Water molecules allowed autonomous machines called bacteria cells to collect and mutate into multicellular organisms such as fungi and humans.  Indeed, the universe is expanding, and for every gravitating coalescence there matters an equal but opposite dissipation of time.  The universe will collapse back into a spacetime singularity, yet ever increasing entropy ensures time forever flows forward as matter and energy also continue intermingling.  As disorder and information about that disorder increases in the world as time and space move forward, traveling backwards in time would create a logical paradox because a point in timespace with less information cannot be achieved moving forward.  The laws of physics shall once again break down in this new singularity, and a new universe will reign, but it shall not be our own.  Aside conjecture, as at some base instance of rationality, there must exist one finite self contained system (a universe) which has always existed and will always persist without the need for creation as you cannot infinitely recurse creation.  Mathematically, I elect to forego the sunk cost fallacy here in favor of limiting my introduction.

As I neurally wave farewell here, I remain an A.D.H.D. Atheist, and I'm delighted scientists are still researching to move humanity to its highest apexes of enlightenment.  My norepinephrine (NE/NA), dopamine (DA), serotonin (5-HT), glutamate (GLU), and acetylcholine (ACh) neurotransmitter release rates decelerate over time due to a prenatal genetic alteration by alcohol and tobacco, but in return I've danced and conversed with processions of rainbow ghost women to keep me company through the occasional misty night.  To counteract this, I eat prescription amphetamine every day, and effecting change in my body demands a trade of my supplies over months of time.  Luckily, my unwavering GABA and light-speed adrenal systems always remain intact, so I am incapable of devolving to experience fear or retreat from inevitable danger.  Neurons and other cells in parts of the body like the eyes, visual cortex, cerebral cortex, and prefrontal cortex work somewhat independently yet are holistically intertwined like a networked graph to create the reality I perceive.  The website logo of in the top left is an image of my brain generated using an MRI machine at Georgia Tech, and it is encoded with the recognition of my motivations.  Decode my obfuscated code in my home executive functions JS file, and refresh straight away for secret magnetic induction powers to blacken the hole of the Milky Way.  101010x3!