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In For My Aspect (F.M.A.), a first person combat horror game, awaken high atop a lodge on Fluorescent Mountain during an excursion to Alaska for an exciting new aspect. Play through the eyes of Scipione Matella, a rich, novice novelist searching to regain his sense of surroundings. Scipione brought a PC, a cat, a flashlight, and some rations to travel light. Collect pieces of Scipione's digital journal (a "tome") while experiencing what Alaska has to offer. After all, how can you write a novel if you don't have a perspective of the novel's climate?

This game was intended to be about five minutes long, but I expanded on my ideas until I reached its current length of about an hour with 2300 lines of code orchestrating the experience. It's made with Godot 3.3 (and made in Georgia) and exported with Godot 3.3.3. I already have plans for even bigger sequels.

Customizable keyboard and gamepad controls
Platformer and combat elements
2100 words of Scipione's tome to collect
Difficulty, color theming, and flashlight cheats after game completion

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