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Prophet Launcher

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Aim to offend the pillars of humanity's most sacred in this 2D platform shooter parody created in the open source Godot game engine. As the final prophet of this world, annex the souls of the old prophets and use them to enhance your own power. There are:

11 unique enemies including Jesus, Osama, and Buddha
6 weapons including a railgun and a rocket launcher
4 special abilities including slow motion and a lightning strike
5 customization upgrades including themeable maps and custom enemies (Uncle Rucku textures are not included)
5 unique permanent customization upgrades including themeable maps

Worldwide leaderboards
Controller and keyboard support

All sales support an independent game developer. This game has been in development since April 2018 as a metaphor of my life with attention deficit hyperactive disorder. I continually iterate on Prophet Launcher to hone my development skills in areas like illustration, animation, and game mechanics. I find it worth noting again this game is parodic, and nothing within should be treated seriously. Have fun! There is always room for improvement, and thus there is more content to come.

Prophet Launcher is available to purchase and download on by clicking the link below. When you purchase on, you get both the Windows and Android versions of Prophet Launcher.

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