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Speed Timer   

Speed Timer

    Speed Timer

Speed Timer Always On Top

This is a simple, free timer and stopwatch program for Windows, Android, and Linux. Having issues with finding a good online solution among those timer programs baked into search engines and intermingling with mobile alarm apps, I wanted to make the fastest, prettiest, and simplest timer and stopwatch program for my own efforts like lifting weights, boiling loose tea bags, and timing product elevator pitches. I settled on using Godot 3.3.4, and using my already created UI assets from my game Prophet Launcher, Speed Timer was functional after about 24 hours of work on a day on November 11, 2021.

A sound plays on the timer's finish, and a metronome can periodically play during the stopwatch count. The timer and stopwatch functions cohabitate, so in the midst of a timer, a stopwatch may be started and vice versa. For great multitasking, Speed Timer can run as an always on top transparent window. The RGBA color theme of the program can be changed using Godot's built in color picker with hexadecimal input. The audio of the timer countdown or stopwatch metronome can be imported. This program is built to be lightweight, pretty, and speedy, so it can run at 28 or 1 FPS.

Keyboard shortcuts for text entry like Tab and Control+A work. Space and Enter can be used to start and pause the timer. Alt+# where # corresponds to #1-5 and #9-0 can be used to quickly change window resolution like Alt+2 corresponding to 720p.

Android: The app was mostly made for desktop users, but it also works very well using landscape and split screen functions on Android. Because of this, I won't be customizing the UI for mobile phones' portrait mode. To use custom file imports on Android, enable the Read External Storage permission in Speed Timer's application settings.

Speed Timer is completely open source and licensed with the same MIT license Godot uses. Download and fork my source code from GitHub: Since my app is open source, additional builds can be generated by users for iOS and MacOS for those who seek them.

Download via

An HTML5 version can also be utilized on my website. This version cannot import files due to browser sandboxing. This will change in future iterations of open source Godot.

HTML5 Speed Timer