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Fictional Journal (Novel Practice)

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10/20/21 - Since March 2021, Racketeering Terrorist Gangs Targeted Me By Disabling My Internet Every 30 Minutes at 905 Crestline Pkwy, Atlanta, GA, 30328: Extended Stay America

Photo: Government Agent or Gang Member Mark Changed His Name to Tommy and Doesn't Help Me. After I Took This Evidence, He Panicked and Chased Me Down the Hallway to Shit More Lies Out of His Mouth

10/26/21 - A Windows WLAN HTML Report Showing Traditional Eichmannian Internet Problems - Notice Periodic Network Capability Changes Architecting Wireless Security Stoppages

10/30/21 - ESA WLAN Report #2

11/2/21 - ESA WLAN Report #3

11/5/21 - ESA WLAN Report #4

11/8/21 - ESA WLAN Report #5

11/11/21 - ESA WLAN Report #6

11/15/21 - ESA WLAN Report #7

11/21/21, my birthday - ESA WLAN Report Shows No Data, But a qBitTorrent Ubuntu Download Shows the Same Periodic Drops Every 30 Minutes

11/22/21 - ESA Internet Drop Graph #3

11/23/21 - ESA Internet Drop Graph #4

11/25/21, Thanksgiving - ESA WLAN Report #8 Showing Switch from Periodic Stoppages to Complete Denial of Internet Service

10/22/21 - Racketeering Employees Lie and Refuse to Aid Reconstruction of the Internet Service

10/25/21 - ESA Internet Screwy: More Managerial Lying and Corruption Amounting to a Potential Jonestown 2.0

10/28/21 - ESA Ignores Escalation to District Manager and Tries to Silence Me By Removing Me from My Home

10/30/21 - ESA Security Cards Are Very Often Strewn Outside My Door By Gang Members

11/1/21 - ESA Customer Service Call Day 7: District Manager Escalation Try 2

11/3/21 - ESA Customer Service Call Day 9: District Manager Escalation Try 3

11/12/21 - ESA Customer Service Call Day 18

I do not consent for any of my ADHD cells, semen, or future aborted fetal stem cells to be used for STD or cancer research. My cells are to be destroyed in a crematorium and scattered in a body of water rather than bastardized by the government dogs or common gangs like some shoddy Scream V script. Pretending is forbidden, but listed below is a named sequence of colorful allegories decorating my green lawn amidst the yellow brick road leading down to my big red door. Stop pretending!
1. Notes of a Prophecy: Who Broke the Hoover Dam House? - Rasco and the Rats of Nimh
2. Aristocratic Rain of Hellfire on the Proletariat - Pink Eye
3. Aiding the Native American Anne Frank - Casa Bonita
4. Eichmann's Technological Tenement Trap - Super Fun Time
5. New Gilded Age of Illusory Maintenance for Psychopaths - City Sushi
6. Defined Wonder, Weapons Cast to Starve the Artist - Dead Hobo
7. The Final Solution - Kenny Dies
8. Frankly, My Deer - The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition

Individually, there are also some episodic allegories likened to my current situation with ADHD, an unknown STD, dwindling funds, terroristic hotels, the U.S. government withholding vital ADHD information, and the Bloods gang stalking me. Every day, I exit my abode to metaphorically greet a horde of overprivileged scavengers and face an attempted mystified diversion from my real problem at hand.
For Whom Does the Love of My Trophy Toll? - Love Thy Trophy
I'm Not Sure How This Has No Relation to Penn State - Idiocracy
Phase 2 of the Joke: Loosly Leaving a Future Calling Pussy Villages of Underpants Bitches - Tweek
American Horror Story: Extended Stay Asylum - Insane in the Mainframe
Aiding Jared's Finale is Left Hanging - Jared Has Aides
Once Upon A Time, I Read the Ending First - A Woodland Critter Christmas
Woah Man, Just... - Night of the Living Homeless
Candy Crush Could Crush the Castle - Placebo Effect
Have Courage to Face Down Lingering Reflections - Queen of the Black Puddle
Steadfast Reflections of a Hydra Ridden, Filtered Atmosphere - Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon

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